CUE Program Chair

Beth TryonBeth Tryon, Assistant Director for Community-Based Learning, Morgridge Center for Public Service
Beth began CUE as a pilot project in 2010, in addition to managing several other ongoing programs. Her research and long experience working in the nonprofit area has led her to the implementation of the science shop model at the UW-Madison. She is a co-editor of the book “The Unheard Voices: Community Organizations and Service Learning” which addresses the community’s perspective on service learning in Madison.

Engaged Scholarship Graduate Fellows:

DGH-30Claire Boyce, MPA student, Public/Nonprofit Management and Administration, La Follette School of Public Affairs
Claire started with CUE in fall 2013. Claire, a SW Madison native, has a background in project management and partnership building in both the private and nonprofit sectors. For CUE, she is working with South Madison community members and organizations to strengthen ties between UW-Madison and the community. She and Kegan Carter, the other South Madison CUE Fellow, identify and facilitate opportunities for UW and South Madison to share their strengths with one another.

DGH-31Kegan Carter, Graduate Student African-American Studies Program
As a resident of South Madison, Kegan has a wealth of community-based knowledge, was in the first graduating class and then employee of the UW-Odyssey Project, a program that offers a University of Wisconsin-Madison humanities class that include lively discussions of Emily Dickinson, Martin Luther King, Shakespeare, Gandhi and more with award-winning faculty for adult students facing economic barriers to college.  As such, she is closely connected with that group and strategically positioned to help increase connections with over 300 other Odyssey alums who desire to give back to others in the community.

Dadit HidayatDadit G. Hidayat, PhD Student, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Dadit has been with CUE since January 2012.  With CUE, he is generally tasked with providing assistance on curriculum development for faculty members who are preparing CBL/CBR course, creating an inventory of engaged scholarship efforts at the UW-Madison, and expanding CUE to a broader community both in and off campus.  Currently, he is co-teaching a capstone course community-based research with the South Madison Farmers’ Market (SMFM) offered through the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.  The early partnership between UW-Madison and SMFM was facilitated by CUE.

Helyn Luisi-MillsHelyn Luisi-Mills, MS Student, Civil Society and Community Research, Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Human Ecology 
Helyn joined CUE in Summer 2012 and hopes to apply her ten years of domestic and international community development in a faith-based context and her interests in how race, gender, and ethnicity have an effect on community organizing. With CUE, she is a TA for two community-based learning courses.


Ashleigh RossAshleigh Ross, PhD Student, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Ashleigh was our first CUE Fellow, and has been with CUE since September 2010.  She has worked with the South West Madison Community Organizers on their infrastructure with Prof. Randy Stoecker, and now is teaching a Community Gardening course for Prof. Sam Dennis that is working with Meadowood Neighborhood Center, the Clean and Freshies, and Front Yard Gardens.

Sue StantonSusan Stanton, PhD Student, Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education
Sue joined CUE in summer 2012. She is a long-time resident of Madison and a PhD student in the School of Education with a background in education, policy, and academic advising. Her work will focus on managing and implementing a two-year Baldwin grant building community capacity for literacy and parent involvement in childrens’ school success in three neighborhood programs: Vera Court, Family Voices, and Meadowood.

Marian SlaughterMarian Slaughter, PhD Student, Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education
Marian has been with CUE since May 2011. Since joining CUE, Marian provided administrative and program development assistance to the Family Voices project. Now in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, the Family Voices program provides academic support and enrichment for K-8 students. In addition to assisting with program facilitation, during the spring 2012 semester, Marian developed and taught a professional development course for Family Voices mentor-tutors. While continuing to support Family Voices program, co-instructing a CBL/CBR course and assisting with CUE program expansion, during the 2012-2012 academic year Marian’s primary role will be as a PA assisting the community development efforts of the Southwest Madison Community Organizers.

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