Mapping South Madison’s Foreclosures

Abstract: The South Madison community is greatly affected by foreclosures whether as homeowners or renters in apartment buildings under financial burdens who are forced to move. The Common Wealth Development (CWD), one of the Steering Committee members of the the Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce, approached CUE about assistance with mapping foreclosures data.

Students Learning Goals:

  • Following the guidelines from the GIS Certificate program as a capstone internship project, student implemented GIS analysis tools for the project in a local setting.

Deliverable Products or Services:

  • Foreclosures mapping in Dane County area, including South Madison, presented in a report.

CUE Project AreaSouth Madison

Contact Person: Karen Tuerk, GIS Certificate Program Manager


  • Jeff Becker, 2010. Dane County Foreclosures, a Neighborhood Problem? (full report)

Slow Food UW Supporting South Madison

Abstract: There is a strong food culture in South Madison. More than just a meal, the local community considers food a key factor in engaging community members. A few local groups have initiated a variety of food-related programs. The human resources involved, however, have been an ongoing issue. The Slow Food UW has been bringing student members/interns to South Madison to provide support on what they do best, food.

Student Learning Goals:

  • learn how to engage community with food as a leverage factor
  • help increase awareness about local and fresh food
  • learn about food justice and how it affects community

Deliverable Products or Services:

The following were activities organized during 2011-2012 academic year:

  • served meals and snacks during Science Nights events at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery;
  • offered a one-credit South Madison Food Justice Action Collective class for project participants in the fall and spring semesters;
  • served the Family Voices participants locally-sourced brunches, organized Teen Cooking Nights, and established two gardens with the Boys and Girls Club;
  • provided teaching assistance for Badger Rock Middle School.

CUE Project AreaSouth Madison
CUE AffiliateMargaret Nellis, Slow Food UW
CUE Community Partners: Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, Badger Rock Middle School, Family Voices Project, Science Nights WIDMIR