CUE Chair’s Report

by Beth Tryon, CUE Program Chair

Greetings and welcome to the Winter 2012-2013 Issue of the CUE Newsletter. Much has happened since our first issue last August!  Inside this issue you’ll find articles about all of CUE’s latest developments, including:

  • Our graduate seminar taught through the DELTA certificate program. An AACU “Bringing Theory to Practice” grant funded a TAship for our Engaged Scholarship Fellow Helyn Luisi-Mills.  She did a fantastic job refining the curriculum developed in 2011.  Several of the Ph.D. students in the class are now developing new community-based learning course curriculum based on class projects!
  • Our ongoing work in Southwest Madison’s Meadowood Neighborhood Center and the Teresa Terrace-Hammersley area, involving new elements of community gardening and math & science tutoring.
  • We are in the planning phase of a new literacy project with Gloria Ladson- Billings and Catherine Compton-Lilly in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, School of Ed.  We hope to obtain funding for CUE Fellow Marian Slaughter’s tutor/mentor training curriculum and expand tutoring to several community centers.
  • An evaluation of the work of the Slow Food-UW students serving brunch to and with the families in the Family Voices tutoring program, and updates on the partnership, partially funded by a Wisconsin Idea Fellowship award from the Morgridge Center.
  • The fledgling “Midwest Knowledge Mobilization Network” is starting to get legs – our inaugural meeting at the Center for Urban Research and Learning at Loyola-Chicago was a success with 25 representatives from 7 schools.  Our second meeting will be in Indianapolis on April 12th. Please join us there!

We are also involved with the Morgridge Center’s new faculty/staff roundtables – the kick off is February 27th.  There will be another in April concerning faculty tenure and promotion. Interest is high in the Engaged Scholarship Summit on March 20th.  Several of these ongoing projects have been supported by CUE Fellows or are in CUE’s ongoing project areas.

Meanwhile, we continue to grow our infrastructure and look for ways to support the work of the many faculty, staff and students across campus working with the community on academic projects.  We are currently in meetings with the Promise Zone (an initiative based at the Urban League), faculty and staff across campus, and the Vice Chancellor’s Office of University Relations about re-establishing the UW’s physical presence on South Park Street.  We envision a “CUE Station” to help facilitate the comings and goings of UW students in and out of community-based learning projects, decreasing the organizational burden on both faculty and community partners.  The Promise Zone report has highlighted ideas such as a Cultural Heritage Center to bring awareness of all the different cultural identities in South Madison, a space to have community suppers, musical performances, art and other continuing education classes, and community art projects.  The recent residency of internationally- renowned artist Lily Yeh allowed me to connect her to the Promise Zone folks.  Lily has offered to lead a catalytic planning session to galvanize and organize community interest and capacity, so we are working on partnership opportunities to fund that return visit.  The Community-Based Learning in Art 448 class, supported by a CBL Fellow from Morgridge Center, is excited to work with Lily on the methodology of organic design!

I’m sure I’m leaving out many things that our talented CUE Graduate Fellows are germinating, but read on for their detailed reports of activities going on this school year.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the South Park Street plans, or to discuss other ways we can collaborate with you to support your community-based scholarship, and check out our website for more updates. ■

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