CUE Projects Areas

Abraham Lincoln Statue in front of the Bascom Hall

Engaging to Close the Gap: Community, School District, and University: Funded by Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment, this project brings in the Vera Court Neighborhood Center to work with CUE’s tutor/mentor programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Dance County and Meadowood Neighborhood Center. CUE’s PhD students in UW-Madison School of Education’s Curriculum and Instruction, under Prof. Gloria Ladson-Billings and Catherine Compton-Lilly, will coordinate with the Mayor’s Neighborhood Resource Team, MMSD and MOST (Madison Out of School Time) group to inform collaborative approaches to community education that complements the school day.  [visit project page]

South Madison: The UW has been involved in South Madison for over a decade. CUE is working with professors, academic staff and community leaders to document and facilitate the many campus-community eorts in the area. The latest development is a partnership with Everett Mitchell, Director of the UW-Madison Community Relations Office. We will be opening a UW space in the Villager Mall on S. Park Street next January and encourage any interested students, staff, faculty or community members to contact Julissa Ventura at for more information.  [visit project page]

Family Voices: The Family Voices developed out of earlier UW community development initiative in South Madison. Now in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, the FamilyVoices program provides academic support for K-8 students. CUE sta is assisting with program facilitation and mentor-tutor educational development. [visit project page]

Southwest Madison: Following the lead of neighborhood residents and public health nurses, CUE is assisting the South West Madison Community Organizers with finding higher education resources to augment the community’s initiatives. [visit project page]