Why getting involved in CUE? There are multiple benefits that students, faculty members, and community can take by participating in CUE programs of promoting the Wisconsin Idea and delivering real impacts to Wisconsin communities.

Three possible ways of getting involved in CUE:

mentor mentee session

Morgridge Center’s Badger Volunteer assisting sixth grader.
Photo by UW-Madison, University Communications

Benefits for the community:

  • Science Shop philosophy holds that the community drives the project ideas, with the educational institution responding when it has the right expertise
  • A shared space for organizations and individuals to look for answers to social and community problems
  • Creating a portal for the surrounding metropolitan area to gain access to university resources
  • See results that will positively affect Wisconsin communities

Benefits for students:

  • Work closely with university professors from a variety of disciplines
  • Gain experience putting knowledge into action outside of the classroom
  • Learn from community members and organizations.

Benefits for faculty members:

  • Develop academic research with the help of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Amplify expertise and credibility in community as well as build trust
  • Collaborate with other professors to expand knowledge beyond disciplinary borders