A Copernican Moment: Engaged Scholarship in Research and Teaching

New Graduate Course Fall 2013

Research that frames theory and methods to address public issues, transcends disciplinary siloes, and engages fellow citizens.

Teaching that connects classroom learning with public issues and develops undergraduate students’ democratic skills and dispositions.

Graduate students who think of themselves as engaged scholars and how they engage in the public.

A class with theory/principles, experiential component, and direct application.

A class with layered approaches that move students towards a direct application in their field of study.


  • Copernican Moment: a new paradigm of university and public scholarship and engagement
  • Higher education: the big picture and historical context of outreach
  • The University and the Community: scholarship in the public and academic spheres.
  • Translational Issues: writing and visualizing for the public
  • Engaging Controversial issues: conflict and controversy in and out of the classroom
  • Engaged Scholarship and the Humanities
  • Interdisciplinary Dynamics
  • Professional Challenges and Opportunities

Learn more by contacting Helyn Luisi-Mills, Interdisciplinary Studies Department in the School of Human Ecology.  Also see CUE Newsletter Vol I Issue 1 for additional info about this course.