Mentor-Tutors professional development

Course Title: Family Voices Mentor-Tutor Project
Semester: Spring 2012
Instructor/CUE Affiliate: Marian Slaughter, Boyd Rossing
Community Partner: Boys and Girls Club of Dane County

Mentor-Tutors Tim and Marisa during a mentoring session with Caleb and his mom Lena. Family Voices engages the whole family. (CUE, 2012)

Abstract: CUE developed curriculum and taught a pilot professional development course for the UW undergraduates serving as Family Voices’ mentor-tutors volunteers. This for-credit course was conducted at the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County on alternating Saturdays during the spring 2012 semester.

Student Learning Goals: Although the Family Voices Mentor-Tutor professional development course had many aspirations for mentor-tutor development, the course had four principal aims:

  • To promote personal, civic and professional growth from a sustained mentor-tutoring experience
  • To promote a deeper understanding of the issues affecting family-community-school-university connections with the aim of promoting the aspirations and achievement of children and youth
  • To enhance their effectiveness with supporting the academic and social development of children and youth
  • To inform the program in ways that contribute to improving Family Voices and its partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County

CUE Project Area: Family Voices Project