Midwest Knowledge Mobilization Network April Meeting

by Ashleigh Ross and Beth Tryon

The Midwest Knowledge Mobilization Network (MKMN) held its spring meeting in April 2013, hosted by the Solutions Center at Indiana University Purdue University of Indiana (IUPUI). This network is a consortium of seven Midwestern campuses within driving distance of each other that have entities dedicated to “knowledge mobilization” – the belief that truly equitable partnerships between campus and community produce more authentic research findings and student learning, as well as better community impact.

MKMN’s inaugural meeting in October 2012 brought together practitioners to share ideas for structure and to discuss supporting science shop-like structures like the Community-University Exchange in universities across the Midwest. Main principles of science shop structures include some type of RFP process or other method of allowing the issues and ideas arise from the community, that research or service is interdisciplinary, and the goal of the collaboration is social action or change.

The second meeting allowed members the chance to articulate the goals of MKMN and its activities.

The main goals of the network are:

  1. Advocate for collaboration within MKMN
  2. Address structural systems to increase collaboration
  3. Communicate about models of collaboration
  4. Support the Engaged Scholarship Consortium
  5. Explore collaborative funding possibilities

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