CUE Clinic

CUE Clinic is a place where community organizations, faculty members, academic staff or students can have one-on-one consultations on a drop-in basis with a CUE staff member about a potential partnership project. CUE staff members facilitate and coordinate a variety of the administrative needs of the developing partnership thereby reducing some of the resource and management outlay of participants from any one unit or organization.

In the Clinic, CUE offers community organizations an opportunity to share their questions and ideas with representatives from the UW. As a front door to university resources and expertise, CUE helps find an appropriate faculty or campus departments for a potential partnership to address issues raised by the community. CUE plays this role realizing that many faculty members and students are interested in community-based learning options, such as service-learning and community-based research, but do not have the time, resources or the community connections to make community-based learning feasible. The CUE Clinic can be a starting point in building community connections and facilitating the partnerships so that it takes time pressures o faculty members and students.

CUE Clinic Hours and Location 

Please send an email to schedule an appointment.

CUE Clinic Parking

Due to current Memorial Union construction, parking meter is only available on Langdon Street.  In addition, the City of Madison State Street Campus Ramp (430 N Frances St. & 415 N Lake St.) is only one block away.