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During a Family Voices meeting held at the Catholic Multicultural Center in South Madison. Photo by UW-Madison, University Communications

The CUEBox is an interactive database designed to help community groups and UW-Madison faculty and staff find ideas for collaborative service-learning and community-based projects. The information in CUEBox is organized into four categories:

  • Community Partners are community organizations that are collaborating with CUE.
  • CUE Affiliates are faculty members and other academic staff, organizations and centers of UW-Madison that support CUE community-based projects.
  • CUE Projects contains all CUE Project Areas, including CUE Project Course and CUE Project Activities.
  • Developing Project Ideas represents potential community-based projects proposed by community organization representatives.
  • Curriculum Development contains all course-based programs assisted by CUE.

How to browse?

To browse, simply go to the search box located at the top right-corner of this page. Entering keywords in this search box will provide search results in all of the five categories. You can also browse by category or tag as shown on the sidebar.