Brian D. Christens

Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
Faculty Affiliate, Community & Environmental Sociology
Faculty Affiliate, Population Health Sciences
Associate Director for Research, Center for Nonprofits

Expertise: community development, youth development, health promotion, action research, community-based research

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Project Area: Southwest Madison

Project Course:

  • School of Human Ecology’s courses on community-based research, Fall 2012 [syllabus] and Spring 2013 [syllabus].

Margaret Nellis

Manager, Academic Partnerships, University Health Services & Faculty Associate, Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Human Ecology

Expertise: Connecting key health and community development issues to the academic work of the university through place-based learning, service learning, cultural tours and community-based research. Partnering with faculty development initiatives on campus to identify and promote educational practices that foster student learning, health and well-being. Linking students and instructors with the people, places and cultural assets of South Madison to learn while contributing to the revitalization of the Park Street corridor (the gateway to campus).

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CUE Projects: