Social Media Class: Savor South Madison

Course Title: Journalism 670: Technology for Social Change; formerly called J676: Special Topic: Technology for Social Change
Semester: since Fall 2011 offered every semester
Instructor/CUE AffiliateYoung Mie Kim
Community PartnerSouth Metropolitan Planning Council

Abstract: This course operated much as a professional media consultancy firm would in the real-world, for the students to gain experience in working with a client. The students interviewed Park St. Restaurant owners and and created profiles for each restaurant on a new website The various food establishments in South Madison, specifically on South Park Street, provide many opportunities for people to have a unique dining and social experience.

Student Learning Goals:

  • learn theory and practice of technology for social change
  • develop social media campaign that makes salient in the minds of all Madison residents
  • promote food culture of South Madison

Deliverable Product or Service: Based on research (including interviews and video recordings), students have developed an integrated social media through the application of a website on a WordPress platform, TwitterFacebookPinterests, and Youtube.

Web entry to Savor South MadisonCUE Project Area:  South Madison