Mapping South Madison’s Foreclosures

Abstract: The South Madison community is greatly affected by foreclosures whether as homeowners or renters in apartment buildings under financial burdens who are forced to move. The Common Wealth Development (CWD), one of the Steering Committee members of the the Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce, approached CUE about assistance with mapping foreclosures data.

Students Learning Goals:

  • Following the guidelines from the GIS Certificate program as a capstone internship project, student implemented GIS analysis tools for the project in a local setting.

Deliverable Products or Services:

  • Foreclosures mapping in Dane County area, including South Madison, presented in a report.

CUE Project AreaSouth Madison

Contact Person: Karen Tuerk, GIS Certificate Program Manager


  • Jeff Becker, 2010. Dane County Foreclosures, a Neighborhood Problem? (full report)