Culturally Congruent Health Care Practice

Course Title: N590: Culturally Congruent Health Care Practice
Semester: Fall 2012
Instructor/CUE Affiliate: Audrey Tluczek
Community Partner:

Abstract: This seminar provides a facilitated forum for students to critically reflect on their socially constructed identities and the impact these identities have on their future work. Students meet in a safe and respectful environment to discuss and develop strategies for building awareness, skills, and knowledge needed for self-exploration of beliefs and attitudes regarding racial, ethnic, and cultural aspects of identity. Concrete strategies for integrating cultural assessment into patient-centered care will be included.

Student Learning Goals:

  • Enrich student’s awareness about how socially constructed identities affect their cross-cultural interactions and relationships in health care;
  • Increase student’s understanding about concepts relevant to culturally congruent care;
  • Develop student’s ability to critique the major constructs of practice models/theories relative to culturally congruent patient-centered care; and
  • Enhance student’s skills in the application of culturally congruent principles to their clinical practice.

Deliverable Product or Service: Students will assist in facilitating a series of focus groups on access to healthy food and gardening resources.

CUE Project Area: South Madison: Family Voices; Boys & Girls Club; Slow Food-UW; Bayview Community Center